Hans-Otto-Theater Potsdam – “Unerhört – Poetry Slam mit Senior*innen”
Berliner Schaufenster 2016, 2018 – Darstellende Künste für die Jüngsten
LAFT Berlin – Landesverband freie darstellende Künste Berlin e.V.
Performing Arts Festival Berlin (PAF) 2018 festival photographer
Performing Arts Festival Berlin (PAF) 2017 festival photographer
Now! Improvisation Festival 2017, 2018 – official festival photographer
Isabel Gotzkowsky – Crossover Project
Julia Brettschneider - Circus Maria
Musikschule Fanny Hensel
Helios Theater – Orginisation & PR
Friederike Erhart im URBANRAUM
Studio Laborgras
Sten Rudstrom – Action Theater
Tanzcompagnie Rubato – Berlin – Two Figures in a Landscape, Happiness / Xing Fu
DIN A 13 Tanzcompany – Tranz-/-Flexion
FRATZ Theater Festival For Very Young Audiences – 2013, 2015 – official festival photographer
The Fliege – Henning Wagenbreth
Saburo Teshigawara, choreographer, set, lighting & costume designer
Hanne Franziska Bender, dance choreographer, stage director & eduator
Theaterforum Kreuzberg, Berlin – TangoMaxx production

Germania Music GmbH – Music video stills, CD cover & press photos “Practice What You Preach” with Dorrey Lyles
Max Raabe + Palast Orchester – PBS special – film stills & “behind the scenes”
OPEN AIR INTIM Produktion TV Berlin – Peggy Rockteschel
“The Printer” – Emre Mirza, Afterthought Media 

Achim Rothe – Trumpet, Composer, Teacher…
Esther Kaiser – CD art work, concert photography, Studio photography
Larry Porter Trio – CD cover & portraits “Don’t Fence Me In”
Susanna Bartilla – Jazz for Kids – “Disney is Jazz”
Shlomi Wagner – Baritone
Max Raabe + Palast Orchester – PBS special – film stills & “behind the scenes”
Philipp Bernhardt – drummer/bandleader
Georgea Solomontos
Kulturattaché – Botschaft der Republik Zypern
Musikschule Fanny Hensel
Jazzschule Berlin
Ginea Adi Wolf – jazz vocalist
Alan Mifsud – Electro Swing Orchestra
Zig Zag Jazz Club
Benjamin “King” Perkoff
Martina Gebhardt – vocalist/band leader
Cypriot Embassy – Miniatures 1, 2, 3, 4 – concert and theater performance + misc. events
Michael Gechter – musician/band
Tilman Denecke – musician/band – “Hot Spot”
Dorrey Lyles – gospel & jazz vocalist
Donna Brown and the Golden Gospel Pearls
Claudia Tesorino – Saxophonist
Helbling Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.H.
Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin (DSO)
Katharing Mehrling – Bar Jeder Vernunft – CD photography, Concert Poster photography
Musikschule Mitte Berlin “Fanny Hensel” Photo Exhibitions
Musikschule Fanny Hensel – Berlin poster campaign
Tugan Sokhiev – conductor
Concert photography – Beat ‘n Blow, The Booty Jive, Shaking Legs
Tim Sund & The Mightiest Ever
Kirsikka De Level Jezierski – solo viola, Deutsche Oper
Manuel Munzlinger – solo-oboist, composer
Rolf Kühn – jazz legend
Herb Geller – jazz legend
Prof. Wolfgang Köhler, pianist, professor for jazz piano at Universität der Künste Berlin (UDK)
Folk-Tassignon Quartet
Jazzy Berlin – Neue Heimat
Johanna Seiler, Composer, conductor – Seiler Chor Berlin
Johanna Seiler, Vocal Performance Artist – Festival “TheEuropeanImprovoices”
Kelven Sholar, composer, performer, author
Katie La Voix – lead vocalist, Beat’n Blow
EB Davis – EB Davis Super Band
Hendrik Nehls, band leader – “Jazz Royal”
Marcus Klossek – Electric Trio
Valentin Gregor, jazz violinist
Ulli Bartel, jazz violin, mandolin
Lars Gühlke, jazz bassist
Hans-Werner Meyer – Meier & die Geier
Bergit Wunsch, vocalist -”Atonal Easy Listening Jazz”
Jody Espina – “Jody Jazz Saxophone Mouthpieces”
Uwe Langer, brass player, 17 Hippies
Missio – Photo documentation of humanitarian projects in Asia
Missio – Photo documentation of high ranking ecclesiastic events
Missio – Aktion Schutzengel / Aids und Kinder
Pepp Berlin e.V.
Pepp Berlin e.V. – Media Course: “Medienkompetenz in der internationalen Zusammenarbeit” in co-operation with Engagement Global
D.C. Media Networks GmbH
Berliner Zentrum für Gewaltprävention (BZfG) e.V.

Berliner Forum fur Geschichte und Gegenwart e.V.
IRITS Events Ltd 
Ardeschyr Hagmaier – Author “Change Fuck” – social media blitz
Chiedza Kaitano – corporate portraits
Brett Martin LTD
Small Improvements Software GmbH
Amincouture – Modedesign
Werner Schmidt – fine artist
Matthias Geppert, Heilpraktiker
Judith Mücke – Systemische Praxis Potsdam
Veronika Zimmer – Mediationswerkstatt Berlin
In books, playing schedule programs, booklets, posters, cd- covers, website promotion and other – see client list
Exberliner Magazine
Downbeat Magazine
Permanent exhibition of Jazz Photography in the jazz club “B Flat” in Berlin
Permanent exhibition of Jazz Photography in the jazz club “The Hat Bar” in Berlin


“A friend recenlty invited me to a photo shoot with David Beecroft. The outdoor images he captured are simply amazing! As a guest in some of the shots, David suprisingly bought out an unexpected essence of who I “really” am. So, when it came time for some new images for my projects in 2018, David gladly “shot me” in his studio. He truly knows how to bring out the best of who (or what) is in front of his camera lens. The pictures he took are just fabulously creative! It is one of the most comfortably authentic and honest experiences in my life. Thank you so much, David!”
Pamela Carden
P. Carden International

Lieber David,
ich möchte dir sagen, daß ich beeindruckt bin von deinen fotos! Von der fülle der motive, dem detaillierten blick, der von sachlich abstrakt bis poetisch – anrührend reicht und nicht kitschig wird, und wenn, dann hat das witz! vielen dank,
Günther Lindner (Theater o.N, Berlin)
Dear David,
Thank you very much for such an enjoyable and productive photo shoot. I would never have expected to walk out of there with 15 gorgeous photos. Anne-Katrin and l were so inspired by the quality of those portraits that we were immediately motivated to build a website and create a Facebook page – and now we’re in business ! One day when we’re rich and famous, we’ll be sure to remember that you were the catalyst and that professional photo session was the spark we needed.

Dear David,
What I love most about your photo skills is that you have such a great ability to give a sense of breath and bigness to the spaces.
Donna Brown – Director, Golden Gospel Pearls

“I hear music when I gaze into the captured beauty of David’s photos.  Satisfaction is inevitable every time I work with him.  David Beecroft Photography is one of the BEST!  His photos are more than mere visuals but an EXPERIENCE that moves you.” – Dorrey L. Lyles
Please visit Dorrey’s web site:

“I hired David to shoot profile images of and for me in Aug 2014 in Berlin.
As a Professional photographer myself, and albeit challenging, I left all creative direction and management to him. David was engaging, encouraging and entertaining! His results and finished work are impressive! Using minimal equipment and a creative use of present ambient light – he produced strikingly creative and innovative images that I will be using for some time!”
Service Category: Photographer
Year first hired: 2014
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“I hired David to shoot profile images of and for me in February 2017 in Berlin. As I know nothing about jazz, I cannot judge his musical abilities – but as a commercial photographer I can his photo work! David’s calm but focussed ability to capture the essence of a person at work is a marvel and a pleasure to be part of. His chasing and use of natural light in any situation is commendable – a true artist! Thanks for the shoot David – I’ll be using those images for a long time….”
David Nassim

“What I find truly amazing about David Beecroft and his work is his musician soul within the photograpy. He is a great tenor sax player (!) and that same approach to finding the truth in the sound translates into finding the truth in the image. He captures a quality beneath the surface of the subject that is essential, a core of sensitivity and ego that he reveals. Like a master creating figures in stone, Beecroft pulls the spirit out of light, camera and action. It’s not too much to say that Beecroft’s camera is his horn too, and he can listen and perform with the best of them. Thanks for capturing parts of me that I didn’t know or see David. You are a master!”

Du hast die Stimmung auf deine Weise eingefangen, fürsorglich den Tanz beaobachtet und eine neue Kunst daraus gemacht, deine Art zu fotografieren, es ist zauberhaft…. best regards

Thank you so much. Pictures are again wonderful. And they are so many!!
It’ll take a while to make a sensible selection, hard to decide. I will first choose about 15 for more immediate press and later more for our documentation if that is okay for you.
Thanks again for being part of Fratz, for your stamina especially on that veeeeery long Monday. It is great to have things documented so well, since it is the only thing that remains from the atmosphere of an event like this. So we were lucky to have you there…
Theater o.N. | Kollwitzstraße 53 | 10405 Berlin |

Hi David,
In the name of the Almighty Korkus and on behalf of all inhabitants from Bayou 7, we thank you from the bottom of our boots for the fantastic photo shots.
Really.  You have great ideas, eyes, and some serious fingertip muscles and agility to take great photos. We’re baffled by the photos, for they are truly works of art on their own. They are so great that we’re having difficult times selecting photos, but we will make selection very soon so, you could take off the watermark and we’ll put it up on the website once the new layout is finished, with big exclusive credit/link to you.
We look very forward to continue working together, for you’re now the official VIP Ground Crew Of The Year.
In the mean time, for future concerts in my other projects, I would love to hire you and will advertise your talents to others.
Great work! and thank you so much!
greetz, Takashi
(Leader of Berlin based band – The BootyJive)
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